2 Bennie Ikhena Cl, Graceland Estate, Lekki
Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 17:00

Our Story

Sardonyx, established in September 2013, was borne out of the desire to see Nigeria change. Sardonyx for my team and I is our mission field, our domain of influence to propagate excellence and integrity.
Sardonyx is our avenue to leave an indelible impact on humanity. Hence, we do not take our job with levity but with all sense of responsibility and purpose. We consider ourselves blessed and privileged to nurture the future and the greatest resource of nations. Our goal is very simple, to help each child learn skills with which he/she will transcend without limit to be a contributing member to the development of the world. Apart from developing the 21st century skills in our children, we are deliberate about all we do to inculcate patriotism to our children. Patriotism begets empathy, selflessness, and passion; when added to character and capability, makes one a pacesetter and innovator.

We see our seeds grow to be pillars of the economy, media, education, religion, government, arts and entertainment sectors globally.

We are role models, destiny moulders, world changers, nation builders, we are intentional and purposeful. It is our pleasure to partner with you in grooming your children.

Our Core Values

Stewardship: We are conscious that out time, resources and relationships will all be accounted for, this helps keep our perspective right and guides us to be the best we can be to each child.

Patriotism: Paramount in our hearts is the love for Nigeria, this is the basis of all we do and we help our children understand their duty is first to Nigeria their home country before other nations; as we are in a global village now.

Integrity: We will not compromise on our integrity for any reason!

Child-centeredness: For us, everything is all about making our children better in all spheres. Each of our activities, teachings, clubs, events, is to achieve a goal in our children.
Excellence: What is worth doing is worth excellently done!
OUR VISION To raise responsible and patriotic leaders who are resourceful in building nations.